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Video Game Developers


Learn and jumpstart your career in Esports. Explore esports from behind the scenes and learn what it means to be involved in esports. Build a professional sense and roadmap to succeed in this new competitive market today!


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What you will learn and implement

Mastery of self disciplinepline and what it takes to become a pro gamer.

Pros and Cons of the career of a professional gamer in the Esports world.

Technical methodologies and techniques of how to properly practice and prepare for tournaments and competitions.

Insider information of what tools work the best for PC, console and mobile gaming.

Professional Skills you will gain...

Professional Etiqutte
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Beginner Level

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About this Course

The Esports Professional Specialization prepares students to turn a passion for gaming into a viable career. According to a market report by Newzoo, global esports revenues have reached $906 million in 2018, a year-on-year growth of +38%. Speak knowledgeably about the history, community, and business of esports with future employers and other stakeholders in the industry. Individuals aspiring to launch or already beginning their career in the business of esports. This program suits game developers, finance professionals, community managers, marketers, and project managers. Overview of esports will introduce learners to the roles and influences that game developers have in the industry. Learners get a glimpse into the structures of an organization and how it builds a brand. Learners will also be informed of the jobs available in esports and where to get started in order to be involved.

Applied Hands on Implementation

We will analyze the pros and cons of creating a single or multiple Esport organization and recommend an effective branding strategy for a hypothetical Esport organization based on current Esport branding considerations. You will develop a plan for recruiting funding resources for a hypothetical Esports organization and choose an Esport organization role of interest, other than Owner, and describe your reasoning.

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